Media sources are reporting the Department of Commerce will not consider steel and aluminum product exclusions for countries subject to quotas. Only countries facing the tariffs will be considered for product exclusions.

Currently, South Korea, Brazil, and Argentina have agreed to an absolute quota deal on certain steel products that are subject to the Section 232 tariffs.

The steel quotas are separated into 54 subcategories for South Korea, Argentina, and Brazil. Argentina has already reached its absolute quota for 40 of the 54 subcategories, while 18 subcategories have been filled for Brazil, and 9 have been filled for South Korea.

As of June 1, 2018, all countries of origin except Argentina and Australia are subject to the 10 percent tariff on aluminum products. Argentina agreed to cap exports of aluminum at 100 percent of the average exports to the U.S. over the last 3 years. The absolute quota is divided into two subcategories, equaling over 180,000 short tons per year.

Once a country reaches its quota for the quota period no entry for consumption of the product will be permitted.

Australia is currently the only country to have maintained a country-based exemption without having agreed to a quota regime.