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Crowell & Moring has a multidisciplinary working group to help clients navigate the rapidly evolving business, legal and operational challenges associated with the COVID-19 outbreak. Our working group brings together lawyers with relevant senior government, industry, and private sector experience across a wide array of disciplines that intersect with this situation.  Drawing on relevant experience navigating similar crises, the group is able to provide practical and proactive guidance to business leaders, boards, and legal departments.  This guidance includes helping clients to understand the questions they need to ask and the business impacts they may not yet appreciate. Our focus is helping clients to anticipate issues, to take proactive steps, to develop appropriate responses, and to execute sound legal, business and operational plans.

Areas covered by our COVID-19 group include labor and employment, worker safety, supply chain disruption, global mobility, privacy, education, insurance, government contracts, international commercial contracts, health care, crisis management and continuity, disputes and investigations, and a myriad of other areas affected by this evolving situation. The firm’s deep relationships with the key regulatory agencies involved in the COVID-19 response enable us to provide real-time guidance and insight to clients. Experience of our working group members includes extensive involvement with the government’s response to Ebola and Zika illnesses while serving in the Department of Homeland Security, advising clients across many industry sectors on SARS, and navigating insurance coverage issues arising after 9/11.  Our COVID-19 working group takes a holistic approach, monitoring important governmental and policy developments and considering their implications as we help clients navigate the legal, commercial and operational impact of this outbreak on their business.

Areas in which we anticipate clients are facing immediate concerns include:

  • Government contract performance issues in the US and abroad.
  • Force majeure provisions in commercial contracts.
  • Supply chain disruption and other business continuity issues.
  • Insurance questions and coverage exclusions and limitations.
  • Compliance with workplace safety issues.
  • Privacy and data protection policies and regulations.
  • Labor and employment issues, including employment mobility.
  • Disruption of corporate internal and external investigations.
  • Oversight of public health policy and health care system preparedness plans.

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On-Demand Webinars

Webinar – COVID-19 Roundtable Discussion: Practical Guidance for Legal Departments, Business Leaders, and Boards
March 10, 2020

Please join us for an on-demand webinar that will discuss some of the key business and legal issues that companies are navigating in connection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its cross-jurisdictional impacts. Topics will include supply chain disruption, labor and employment, employee mobility, commercial contracts, government contracts, health care, insurance coverage, privacy, crisis management and continuity of operations, and more.


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