(Supply) Chain Reaction: Preparing for and Mitigating the Impacts of Supply Chain Delays

Supply chain issues are a top concern for many companies across industries and markets. Please join us for a webinar series that explores these issues and provides insights on the various legal and tactical considerations as companies think about supply chain disruption, impacts, and solutions.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST
Torts & Product Liability Issues
A failure to meet safety compliance and regulatory obligations can undo the herculean efforts to surmount supply chain challenges and get products into the US. Our Products Liability and Regulatory Compliance lawyers will discuss the impacts of current efforts by regulators to police product safety at the ports, the expectations of federal safety regulators at the ports and how to use compliance documentation to speed the process when products have been stopped for inspection. Our discussion will cover activities at CPSC, NHTSA, EPA and FDA. The panel will also discuss the challenge of counterfeit products and parts and how safety can be a lever to stop counterfeits. Given the increased costs of shipping, downstream recovery opportunities may help alleviate some of the monetary pressures and our panel will discuss these opportunities as well as the contract clauses that can allocate risks appropriately when things do go wrong.

Speakers: Rebecca Chaney, John Fuson, Cheryl Falvey, Warren Lehrenbaum, Carolyn Wagner

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Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST
International Trade
Supply chain disruptions have exacerbated strains and weaknesses in existing trade infrastructure, causing widespread ripple effects throughout the global economy.  From an international trade perspective, companies face real-time pressures to make business decisions that may have complex legal implications going forward.  Our International Trade Team will lead a discussion highlighting current risks companies are encountering, potential legal implications, and strategies to mitigate risks in real-time in this dynamic and changing landscape.

Speakers: Nicole Simonian (Moderator), Clif Burns, Michelle Linderman, Jackson Pai, Maria Vanikiotis, Chandler Leonard

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