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On June 17, 2022, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – which serves as the chair of the Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force (FLETF) – released the Strategy to Prevent the Importation of Goods Mined, Produced, or Manufactured with Forced Labor in the People’s Republic of China (UFLPA Strategy) Report. The UFLPA Strategy Report was

In ruling N324972 (June 24, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the tariff classification and country of origin of liquid sugar from Canada. The subject merchandise contains 66.7% sugar and 33.3% water and trace amounts of Calcium hydroxide. The raw cane sugar is a product from Brazil that is granulated, diluted with water, heated

Russia Sanctions: The U.S. today designated two key supporters of an extremist group called the Russian Imperial Movement (“RIM”) under the Specially Designated Global Terrorist program.  OFAC explained that “RIM and its supporters continue to exacerbate Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine through their fundraising efforts.”  

The UK designated 12 individuals and entities under

On June 13, 2022, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued CBP Publication No. 1793-0522, its UFLPA Operational Guidance for Importers (Operational Guidance). The Operational Guidance was issued by CBP to assist the trade community with its preparation for the UFLPA rebuttable presumption, which is set to go into effect next week on June

In ruling N326448 (June 23, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the tariff classification and country of origin of frozen scallops. Per the ruling, Japanese Scallops (Patinopecten yessoensis) are harvested in Japan and then exported frozen, whole, in shell to China. Once in China, they are thawed, shucked, and soaked in a water solution

In ruling N326004 (June 3, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the country of origin and tariff classification of a motorcycle. The merchandise was identified as the XR-150L Series Motorcycle, which has a gas-powered engine with a displacement of 149.16 cubic capacity (cc). The motorcycle’s manufacturing and processing operations take place in Mexico, which

With just over two weeks until the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA) goes into effect on June 21, 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has issued very minimal guidance to the importing community on how it will enforce the legislation. In webinars and meetings conducted by CBP last week, CBP stated that it

In ruling NY N324883 (April 15, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the tariff classification of a wireless intercom headset system from China. The item, referred to as the “Solidcom C1 full-duplex wireless intercom headset system,” is compromised of up to 8 wireless headsets and a HUB station. The audio communication between the headsets

In ruling H313988 (February 18, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) addressed whether certain costs should be added to the customs value as assists when using the transaction value method in situations where the products are imported from related parties. For this case, there are two entities, which are referred to as the U.S. Entity