In ruling H313988 (February 18, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) addressed whether certain costs should be added to the customs value as assists when using the transaction value method in situations where the products are imported from related parties. For this case, there are two entities, which are referred to as the U.S. Entity

In ruling NY N325409 (May 5, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the country of origin of stucco netting. The merchandise is identified as roles of 1.5” 17 gauge and 1” 20 gauge zinc plated round single-strand iron stucco netting. The netting is used on wall surfaces as an underlayment for plastering, cementing, stuccoing

On May 10, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a Federal Register notice stating that it will conduct an investigation into the economic impacts of the Section 301 and 232 (global steel and aluminum) tariffs on US industries.  See Notice.

The ITC will hold a hearing, and accept pre-hearing and post hearing briefs. 

On May 5, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) published a Notice requesting comments from domestic industry members benefitting from the Section 301 tariffs as to whether the USTR should continue to impose Section 301 tariffs for lists 1, 2, 3, and 4A.  USTR is required to review the necessity of Section 301 actions four

In ruling NY N325496 (April 22, 2022), Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discussed the tariff classification of an emergency hammer from China. The merchandise under consideration is a composite good that is designed for use in vehicles. It consists of a stainless-steel window breaker, a stainless-steel hammer, a stainless-steel seat belt cutter, a plastic ice

Russia Sanctions:  The U.S., UK, and EU continue to apply pressure on Russia through the implementation of additional sanctions.  The U.S. designated dozens of additional individuals and entities under E.O. 14024, including Russian oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev – who had been previously designated by OFAC in 2014 under E.O. 13660 – and more than 40

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To complement legislation introduced by Ohio Sens. Rob Portman (R) and Sherrod Brown (D), the House included changes to trade remedies law in the COMPETES Act. In addition to the updates outlined in our May 2021 update, the COMPETES Act also grants U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) a statutory basis to investigate claims

Russia Sanctions:  Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the U.S. has continued to expand the scope of restrictions imposed against Russia’s largest banks, expanded sanctions on several individual Russian oligarchs and politicians with influence and connections to President Putin, and imposed expansive restrictions on exports of U.S. goods and technology.  Numerous

On February 16, 2022, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) released its 2021 Report on China’s World Trade Organization (WTO) Compliance. The report, issued yearly to Congress pursuant to section 421 of the U.S.-China Relations Act of 2000, outlines the current Administration’s assessment of China’s membership in the WTO. Notably, this year marks the 20