In NY N303734, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) discusses imitation meat products based on “mycoprotein,” a meat free protein, which is being imported from the United Kingdom. All three imitation meat items will be imported into the United States in frozen retail cartons. An ingredient breakdown for these items was provided to CBP and was as follows:

  • Quorn Meatless Fillets contains approximately 87% mycoprotein paste, 8% water, 3% egg albumin, 3% natural flavoring, and trace amounts of calcium acetate, and calcium chloride.


  • Quorn Meatless Vegan Spicy Patties contains approximately 62 percent mycoprotein paste, 15% breadcrumbs, 10% sunflower oil, 7% water, 5% batter, and 2% predust.


  • Quorn Meatless Grounds contains approximately 94% mycoprotein paste, 3% egg white, 2% gluten free roasted barley malt extract, and trace amounts of water, calcium acetate, and calcium chloride.


  • Quorn Meatless Pieces contain approximately 94% mycoprotein paste, 3% natural flavoring, 2% egg albumin, and trace amounts of pea fibre, calcium acetate, calcium chloride, and water.


CBP determined that the applicable classification for these items is 2106.90.9895 HTSUS, which provides for food preparations not elsewhere specified or included… other… other… other… frozen.  The general rate of duty will be 6.4% ad valorem.

This merchandise is also subject to The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (The Bioterrorism Act), which is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Information on the Bioterrorism Act can be obtained by calling FDA at 301-575-0156, or at the Web site