In NY N303699, Customs and Border Protection reviews the classification of the Temi S1 Personal Computer Robot (Temi PC). It is described as a mobile and fully functional automatic data processing (ADP) machine. The Temi PC is comprised of a tablet PC permanently mounted onto a motorized pedestal-type chassis. The tablet is a 10.1 inch LCD display with a touchscreen, an RK3288 processor, 2 GB system memory, 16 GB storage, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple cameras and a microphone, and various USB, HDMI, audio, etc. outputs. The tablet runs on the Android operating system (OS). Users have full control to add, change, and remove apps.

The Temi PC chassis is a 3.2 foot high pedestal consisting of a motorized base with navigation controller, numerous cameras and sensors, batteries, 60 W motors, and LIDAR for navigation and object avoidance. The chassis receives its commands from the mounted tablet, and is mobile in that it has the ability to navigate rooms autonomously while providing the users with a traveling computing platform. Users can call for the Temi PC by issuing voice commands, as well as instruct it to follow the user around.

CBP indicated that it believes the Temi PC is a composite machine. It gives users the ability to perform general computing functions while also operating as a semi-autonomous robotic machine. In addition to issuing voice commands for the physical movement of the Temi PC, users may also send voice commands to the tablet for actions such as placing a video call, playing music, dictating a news or weather report, and more. Apps that can run on the tablet consist of mail, games, office productivity, web communication, and more. CBP found that the function of the tablet establishes the principal function of the Temi PC and the features provided by the chassis are secondary to the features provided by the tablet. This is in accordance with Section 16 Note 3:

Unless the context otherwise requires, composite machines consisting of two or more machines fitted together to form a whole and other machines designed for the purpose of performing two or more complementary or alternative functions are to be classified as if consisting only of that component or as being that machine which performs the principal function.”

With regard to Note 5(A) to Chapter 84, HTSUS, which governs the classification of ADP machines, CBP affirmed that the item meets Note 5(A) to Chapter 84.

CBP determined that the applicable subheading for the Temi S1 PC is 8471.41.0150, HTSUS, which provides for “Automatic data processing machines and units thereof; …: Other automatic data processing machines: Comprising in the same housing at least a central processing unit and an input and output unit, whether or not combined: Other.” The general rate of duty is Free.